The Advantages of Photo Collage

55It’s a kind of art form of expressing the thoughts and feelings of artists. The effect in vision is that all kinds of pieces with different sizes or even different materials are put together and form a unity. To an extent, it can be treated as a method of making use of the waste because all materials we can obtain, such as paper, metal or something can be added to the collage.

More and more people are sharing their photos online with friends or family. By combining several photos together into just one, picture, it can make your sharing more efficiently. Have you ever used the collage? Well, The phrase collection originates from the France “cooler” significance “glue”.This phrase was created by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso at the starting of the Last millennium when collection became a unique part of recent art.

I remember I created one handmade photo album when I was a child. I was taught how to do by my grandmother. She said that making a photo album by my own contains so many emotions that it can play a great role in recalling the good time we spent together. Firstly, we cut cardboard to produce the basic model. Secondly, we choose paper or cloth to paste on the cardboard. Next, we will make some unique borders with proper materials, such as lovely paper or flexible metal. It not only fixes the pictures to the suitable places but also decorate the album to some degree. Finally, we will fix the borders in right places according to the pictures’ sizes and overall layout needs. To be honest, it cost a lot of time if we want to make a delicate one. Besides, it calls for great manual ability. For me, I completed with my grandmother’s help.

5However, with the development of technology, we can accomplish the task with the help of a certain photo editing software or some photo editor. With a few clicks, we can make one amazing collage. In addition, making photo collage can be personalized if we put our heart into when creating. For instance, we can choose the background, which plays an important part in adding a special atmosphere. We can also choose a good border, which goes beyond the limitation of materials. What matter most in making collage is that we should be careful about the composition and put the right photos into their right place in order to make them in proper location and angle. What’s more, we can also add some text onto the collage. The content of the text can be the information of these photos you put in, the words you want to say even a poet or lyric of a song.

Just use the collage maker and unleash your creativity and have a try. Just make a photo collage yourself, you’ll find how interesting it is and you’ll be surprised by a fantastic result!